A website devoted to the Howard Clarke & Fannie Jones Glover descendents. If you are too young to remember the family pictures then you owe it to yourself to browse them. The family has grown so much that it is difficult to keep up with everyone. Let's not lose touch with our roots! 


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2012 Family Reunion
On November 3rd 2012 we held our family reunion here in Newnan - about 100 or so people showed up and we had a wonderful time simply enjoying a beautiful day.  The weather cooperated, the BBQ was delicious and the camaraderie was even better.  This was a special celebration - Aunt Margaret will turn 102 in December, Aunt Winnie is 96, Uncle Cliff is 99 and Cousin Ann Parrot is 95.. Our official family photographer Brad Thatcher will be sending us some better pictures, but here are a few that Carol took with our ancient camera.. Click here.
Ancient Ancestor Portraits

Some of these pictures are in the Glover History book and several are unique... Wish we had all the names, but unfortunately we were not able to get them in time. Click here to view.
2010 Family Reunion
What a great reunion we had on October 23rd this year.  We had close to 150 folks show up.  Click here to see some of the pictures. There are some by Carol Glover and a few family groups taken by Susan Glover Logan.  Brad Thatcher is a great photographer and got many really great close-ups and some family groupings.  Click here to see these.  Thanks Brad!
Family Gatherings Thru the Years

What fun we used to have at the Christmas and Easter gatherings at "Grannie's" on College Street.  One of the high points was being able to watch the family progress from one group picture to another. Click here to view.
2007 Family Reunion
I'll try to reconstruct these. Click here to view pictures.
Remember Glover's Pond?
2003 Family Reunion
  Back in '03 we had more photographs than you could shake a stick at... look at some of these:
General pics of folks just milling about
Roy submitted dozens of good shots
Here are many Closeup shots by Brad Thatcher
Susan and Bill made a lot of Family Portraits
And Susan provided some pics in memory of her brother Tom
Remember Nancy, Maggie and Sanford?