A website devoted to the Howard Clarke & Fannie Jones Glover descendents. If you are too young to remember the family pictures then you owe it to yourself to browse them. The family has grown so much that it is difficult to keep up with everyone. Let's not lose touch with our roots! 


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Family Portraits taken at the Reunion by the Professionals... Bill and Susan (Glover) Logan. Visit their website to see what real photography is all about.

Aunt Winnie and Abby

The Bill Boone Family

The Bob Boone Family

Boone Boy Cousins

Boone Girl Cousins

The Entire Boone Clan

The Carl Boone Family

The Edmund Glover Family

Harriett Glover and grandaughters

The Howard Glover III Family

Litt & Wallace Glovers

The Lee Family

The Koenigs

David & Hannah

The Bill Kennedy Family

Meredith, Sam and Abby

Koenigs 2

Lees on grey


The Major Boone Family

The Roy Alford Family

The Cliff B Glover Family

The Dan Boone Family

The Howard Glover Jr Family

Uncle Cliff, Aunt Winnie and Uncle Howard

Uncle Cliff, Aunt Winnie and Uncle Howard

The Tom Glover Descendents 

Zoe and Carl Dixon